What if you knew how to cut fuel consumption?

What if you could reach your drivers, even when they were in rural areas?

What if you could install an affordable EOBR in less than 10 minutes?

And what if you could do it all all while realizing a return on your investment in as little as 12 months?

Many fleets are—thanks to Turnpike.

Unlike most systems which require embedded modems or satellite communications, Turnpike leverages the technology of cellular phones and other handheld devices such as smartphones.

Cited by the FMCSA as being the least expensive compliant device for electronic logs, XRS Turnpike’s state-of-the-art technology makes it easy to stay compliant with all FMCSA rules and regulations—no matter how often they change.

Turnpike’s best-in-class solutions include:

Turnpike in-cab technologies

What if you could keep track of your vehicles without embedded modems?

Wish you could find a powerful EOBR that didn’t come with a big upfront cost?

Need a better way to grow your business and deliver an impressive return on investment?

Turnpike RouteTracker stands alone as the one electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) that doesn’t contain an embedded modem.

While most onboard fleet management systems use a built in cellular modem or satellite system to communicate data, Turnpike RouteTracker uses Bluetooth as its wireless communication tool, thus eliminating the costs of a built-in modem.

Turnpike RouteTracker leverages the technology of cellular phones and other handheld devices to communicate GPS and engine diagnostic information via Bluetooth to its completely web-based application, Turnpike Direct.

With Turnpike RouteTracker, you enjoy a variety of features and benefits:

  • Installs in just 10 minutes
  • Offers a low-profile form-factor
  • Includes native GPS
  • J1708, J1939, CAN and OBDII* Engine Bus connectivity
  • Single cable to connect to the engine
  • Bluetooth connectivity to mobile device

* Requires adapter

Turnpike RouteTracker is the most powerful platform on the market. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • No holes to drill
  • Easily swap from truck to truck
  • Ideal for owner-operators and company drivers
  • Gives you the flexibility of the latest driver mobile technology—without requiring you to swap out EOBRs

XRS TPMobile integration

Looking for a better way to provide proof of delivery?

Need a flexible solution that makes it easy to automate your processes?

Want a mobile application that’s easy to integrate?

Regardless of the size of your fleet, XRS TPMobile makes automating and integrating driver processes with industry-specific applications easy.

Turnpike is the most flexible fleet optimization solution on the market. And our mobile application—TPMobile—works side by side with dozens of industry-specific mobile applications, including:

  • Proof of delivery
  • Mobile forms
  • Service applications
  • Integration is easy

With TPMobile integration is easy:

  • Xchange SDK provides out-of-the-box integration tools
  • Message interface support for applications on WinCE devices
  • Single sign-on
  • Integrates vehicle, driver and location information