Changing rules and regulations make keeping up to speed with compliance a full time job – and a constant challenge. Turnpike compliance management solutions meet that challenge by delivering electronic logs, fuel-tax reporting, navigation, asset tracking driver communication solutions that make it easy and affordable to proactively address safety risks and stay compliant.

Turnpike Electronic Logs

Do you routinely have Hours of Service (HOS) violations?
Do you wish your drivers could spend less time on paperwork and more on the road?
Are you looking for a way to reduce the time a DOT audit takes?
Stop wasting time and money worrying about compliance. Install Turnpike electronic logs now and start reaping the benefits, including peace of mind.

The first company to introduce electronic logs, XRS—the proven leader in EOBR—has been leading the way in HOS compliance for more than two decades.

We’ve helped hundreds of fleets of all sizes reap the bottom-line benefits of electronic logs and EOBRs.

Benefits for drivers

  • Intuitive driver-interface requires minimal driver interaction
  • Driver notifications warn drivers of low remaining hours
  • Graphical logs make roadside inspections easy and safe

Benefits for fleet managers

  • Automatic alerts of low remaining hours or violations
  • Secure, online access to electronic log records eliminate paperwork and make audits easy
  • Identify HOS (Hours of Service) -related risk trends

Configurable and expandable rule-sets

  • Team driver logging
  • 60-7 rule, 70-8 rule and other intrastate rule sets
  • 16-hour “Big Day”
  • Oilfield exemptions
  • Salesperson exemptions
  • Canadian Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 Logs

HOS (Hours of Service) details

  • Fully certified with U.S. Regulations (CFR 395.15)
  • 395.16 development and certification in progress
  • Support for oilfield exemption and driver salesperson exemptions
  • Full support for Canadian regulations

Why go paperless?

  • Reduce your risk. Fleets that do not use electronic logs are at risk for higher Driver Fatigue CSA scores.
  • Improve driver productivity. Cut 15 to 30 minutes of administrative time per driver, per day.
  • Eliminate the overhead of paperwork. No paper, no filing, no document storage.
  • Get audited with confidence and ease. Turnpike is proven to cut audit times from days to just hours.

Turnpike Fuel Tax Reporting

Overwhelmed with all the state fuel-tax reporting requirements?

Wish you never had to give state lines another thought?

If your trucks travel from one state to the next, completing IFTA fuel-tax reports can be time consuming and tedious. And failure to report accurately and on time can result in expensive fines.

Turnpike gives you complete, turnkey fuel-tax automation and state mileage forms.

Print, sign and send—it’s that simple!

With Turnpike Fuel Tax Reporting, you’ll:

  • Reduce administrative time
  • Avoid penalties
  • Save driver time

You get:

  • Automated state-by-state mileage tracking
  • Painless collection of driver fuel-purchase data
  • Fuel Tax Wizard, which streamlines online, bulk-data entry
  • Comprehensive reporting to support tax filing
  • Support for Highway Use Tax (KY, NY, OR and NM)

Advanced features make it easy for you to:

  • Track fuel for both vehicles and equipment
  • Import fuel purchases via Web services
  • Export data to third-party filing applications

Additionally, Turnpike offers services to ensure fuel and mileage data is accurate before you file. Data audit reports help identify missing fuel purchase records, duplicates and exceptions, and help with:

  • Initial setup
  • Training
  • Monthly or quarterly validation of your fuel and mileage data
  • Audits

Turnpike Electronic DVIR

Need a better way to keep track of vehicle inspections?

Wish you could access vehicle data from anywhere at any time?

Want to eliminate time-consuming paperwork?

With Turnpike DVIR, you can proactively manage inspections and eliminate the mistakes typically associated with paper-based tracking. In addition, you can:

  • Eliminate the cost of paper inspections
  • Stay compliant with FMCSA inspection regulations
  • Save up to 15 minutes per day per driver
  • Avoid high CSA Vehicle Maintenance scores

Benefits of e-DVIR

Because vehicle maintenance is one of the seven CSA (2010) BASIC measurement categories, it’s critical that fleets properly monitor and maintain their equipment. Turnpike DVIR offers you a variety of benefits, including:

  • Inspection and compliance automation
  • Automate pre- and post-trip inspection process
  • Eliminate time-intensive paperwork
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes made with paper-based inspections
  • Proactively manage vehicle problems that can affect CSA ratings

Maintenance automation

  • Notify maintenance of defects and potential vehicle breakdowns
  • Pinpoint trends in fleet inspection failures via root-cause analysis and historical inspection tracking

Driver behavior management

  • Prevent skipped inspections with real-time manager alerts
  • Optimize operations by leveraging alerts to notify managers of failed inspections in near real-time

Turnpike Black Box Accident Reconstruction

Eager to avoid lawsuits?

Worried how an accident could affect your public image?

Wish there was an easy way to prove your company wasn’t liable?

The average truck accident costs more than $100,000, according to the FMCSA. And $1,000,000+ lawsuit settlements are commonplace.

Don’t let an accident put your company out of business.

XRS Turnpike Black Box Accident Reconstruction gives you an easy-to-use tool to reconstruct accidents, defend against unjust accusation and even prevent accidents.

With Turnpike Black Box Accident Reconstruction, you get:

  • Second-by-second pictures of driver behavior and vehicle status before, during and after an accident
  • A complete record of accidents AND near misses
  • Automatic manager alerts go out when Black Box events occur
  • Configurable triggers, based on rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • Manual triggers from a driver panic button and remote triggers from dispatch