Does EOBR mandate compliance leave your head spinning?

We certainly wouldn’t blame you if it did.

After years of hotly contested debate, though, the EOBR mandate is nearly here. Now’s the time to find the right solution for your business—and budget.

Why not wait? Simple: Carriers that adopt EOBRs well in advance of the enforcement date will be armed with trucking intelligence—and they’ll use that time and insight to carve out a rock solid competitive advantage.

It’s time you get in the game.


The time for EOBR is now.

You don’t want to spend the next several years trying to play catch-up, especially when highly optimized fleets could bid you—and your drivers—out of a job.

So, first, get-up-to-speed on what it will take for an EOBR system to be compliant.

We know EOBRs must be certified by a third party and meet FMCSA-defined performance and technical standards. Those requirements* are expected to include:

  • A direct connection to the vehicle engine (and that’s missing from a lot of mobile apps currently on the market).
  • Accurate logging of Record of Duty Status (RODS) data.
  • An ability to display electronic driver logs to law enforcement.
  • Meet FMCSA defined performance and technical standards.
  • Be certified by a 3rd party.

*The final EOBR rule is expected to be published in or around the first quarter of 2015.

Then, investigate your pool of options to find the one that will grow with your business and evolve with rapidly-advancing technology to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


Kick safety, compliance and performance into high gear with mobile EOBR.

We can help:

  • Our EOBR solution is 395.15 compliant and mandate-ready, giving you the confidence you need to act now.
  • Capture exactly the data you need with a broad range of rule set and exception options.
  • Get the trucking intelligence you need to optimize your fleet—including fuel efficiency monitoring, driver safety reporting, and IFTA compliance—all in the very same solution.
  • Improve communication between drivers, dispatchers, and fleet managers—and deliver superior customer service—with real-time transparency into your operation.
  • Give everyone on your team access to critical business data—anytime, anywhere—even away from the cab.
  • Integrate other fleet management applications, helping streamline your business processes.
  • You’ll be able to harness the technology already in your drivers’ hands.

Our innovative mobile EOBR leads the way.

We’re a forward thinking company—and our EOBR system reflects that:

  • XRS was the first mobile EOBR platform on the market.
  • Our mobile app allows us to develop new functions and upgrades more quickly—and over the air updates to the hardware make your job easy.
  • The breadth and depth of our electronic driver log offering is unmatched, giving you tremendous flexibility with exemptions and rule sets. (And did we mention we launched the industry’s first e-logs in 1989?)
  • Startup costs are minimal—and that makes getting started today, easy.
  • You can run XRS on many certified mobile devices. So, deploy smartphones and tablets to your mobile workforce or adopt a BYOD strategy—it’s all up to you.
  • Our highly intuitive, graphical interface makes using our EOBR a snap for everyone on your team, from drivers to managers.
  • XRS is shockingly easy to install—and you don’t have to drill holes into your dash or put a dome on your roof.
  • Between our touch screens and log editor, our Help section and online Learning Labs, getting up-and-running has never been easier.

Want to leave the heavy lifting to us and get started right away?

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Are you plagued by Hours of Service violations?

Like a contagious, flesh-eating disease, repeated HOS violations will render your fleet untouchable by some shippers. (Okay, so maybe “flesh-eating” is taking it a bit far.)

What’s worse, some of the most common HOS violations are simple form and manner errors. Sigh. Your business brought to its knees by absent signatures…and math.

It’s time to make things better.


Improve your HOS compliance record.

Take a more proactive approach to Hours of Service and resolve issues before they become violations:

  • Monitor your drivers’ available hours in real-time—and be there to lend a helping hand when needed.
  • Find Hours of Service issues internally before they become real violations, helping you build a culture of safety.
  • If you automate driver logging, you can kiss the guesswork—and form and manner errors—goodbye.

In the process, you’ll free your drivers from paper management, giving them more time to do what they do best.


Reducing HOS violations is easy.

Here’s how:

  • Your entire team will have real-time visibility into driver hours and status, allowing for more informed dispatching decisions.
  • With automated alerts, you’ll be able to step in and help drivers out before before they’re in violation.
  • No need for your drivers to update their status from on-duty to driving and back; we’ll do that for them automatically based on their vehicles’ motion.

XRS electronic driver logs are a cut above.

Not only are our mobile e-logs 395.15 compliant (and be careful—there are a lot of new mobile e-logs on the market that aren’t), we’ve created a driver app that’s both graphical and highly intuitive.

The end result?

More accurate driver logs.

Our e-logs also offer tremendous flexibility and scalability.

Large or small fleet? Company employees or owner/operators?

XRS is the solution to get the job done.

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Are poor CSA scores hurting your bottom line?

If you’re stumbling when it comes to timely vehicle maintenance, safe driving practices, Hours of Service compliance—or a combination of all three—the profitability of your trucking business is at risk.

Do nothing and you could fall face-down in the muck, while the other guys—the ones running safer, more compliant trucking operations—are winning those honey contracts.

Heck, you could even find yourself staring down an OOS order, left with nothing to do, but polish your idle eighteen-wheeled beauties.

Now’s the time to grab that proverbial bull by the horns.


Improve your CSA scores.

Commit now to taking action before violations happen:

  • Monitor driver behaviors and identify the people on your team that could use a little additional training.
  • Bring more real-time visibility into your vehicle maintenance program, helping ensure your vehicles are properly maintained and issues are resolved promptly.
  • Monitor your drivers’ available hours in real-time and act quickly to avoid potential violations.

Improving your CSA scores is simple.

With trucking intelligence from XRS, you’ll be able to effectively monitor and improve four of seven BASICs—Unsafe Driving, Hours of Service Compliance, Vehicle Maintenance, and Crash Indicator. Here’s how:

  • With driver performance reporting, you’ll be able to identify unsafe driving indicators, like speeding and hard braking events, and address them before an accident occurs.
  • Real-time speeding and hard braking alerts mean you’ll be able to respond to unsafe driving behaviors with greater immediacy.
  • Your drivers and mechanics will all be on the same page with our 396.11 DVIR, ensuring repairs are resolved quickly.
  • If a pre- or post-trip inspection is missed, you’ll receive an alert, so you can correct the situation, pronto.
  • Between automatic duty status changes and driver prompts, e-logs will help you reduce simple form and manner errors.
  • Low remaining duty and drive time alerts ensure you know when you need to jump and help your drivers locate a safe place to park.
  • With black box recording and reporting, you’ll understand exactly what happened at the scene of a crash—providing the insights necessary to help prevent future accidents.

We’re making it simple for you and your drivers.

We built XRS with professional drivers in mind. Why? When drivers benefit from a solution, they’re more invested, and your CSA scores improve. Everyone wins.

We also know that monitoring compliance and safety performance demands a solution that’s highly intuitive and easy to understand across your entire organization.

We achieved that with XRS and, quite frankly, we’re doggone proud of it.

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Does IFTA compliance make you want to pull your hair out?

Well, we certainly wouldn’t blame you if it did. IFTA fuel tax reporting can be a time-intensive pain in the tuckus.

Worse, if some of your paperwork goes astray or your figures don’t match up e-x-a-c-t-l-y, you could find yourself facing some pretty stiff penalties.

It’s time to give the antacids a rest and take control of your IFTA fuel tax reporting process.


Conquer IFTA compliance once and for all.

It’s simple to do when you manage IFTA compliance electronically.

And the benefits? Hello:

  • Reduce your time-consuming, ulcer-inducing administrative burden.
  • Reduce your audit risk with accurate mileage tracking.
  • Reduce your Mt. Everest-sized mountain of paper-based records, as well as the need for e-storage.

(That’s a lot of “reducing”—and we like it.)


IFTA compliance is a piece of cake.

With XRS IFTA fuel tax reporting:

  • We’ll track your state-by-state mileage automatically. That means one less thing for your drivers to worry about—and one more data set you’ll capture with absolute precision.
  • You’ll be able to import or manually enter fuel purchases easily.
  • Automatic reconciliation of fuel receipts and toll roads will simplify your reporting immensely.
  • Our print-sign-send capabilities will fully automate your IFTA process, ensuring your “I”s are dotted and “T”s are crossed.

Our IFTA compliance solution rocks.

What sets it apart?

  • We offer mobile capture of your fuel data. Nice.
  • Your state line crossing mileage will be odometer-based, as opposed to GPS-only. That means your data will be spot-on accurate.
  • Unlike the competition, which offers jurisdiction reporting, XRS gives you official state report filing.

What was once a dreaded chore, can now be tackled in a fraction of the time and with much greater accuracy. You may even come to love filing your IFTA fuel tax reports—XRS is that good.

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