Intelligence to get you where you need to be.

In a highly competitive industry where the difference between profit and loss is measured in pennies per mile, intelligence is critical. Without access to the kind of information it takes to run a safe, profitable and compliant fleet you’re basically driving with your eyes closed.

XRS Trucking Intelligence will get you where you need to be.

With our mobile EOBR solution, you’ll have anytime, anywhere access to fleet management reporting features like:

  • 395.15 compliant e-logs for HOS tracking
  • e-DVIR
  • Automated fuel tax reporting (IFTA)
  • Driver scorecards
  • Driver safety scores
  • GPS tracking & mapping
  • Blackbox reporting
  • Forms messaging
  • Alerts & reporting
  • And more


XRS EOBR: The intelligent option.


Protect yourself against rapid advances in technologies.

Technology is evolving at a lightning fast pace.

The domes your competitors bolted onto their trucks two years ago?

Ancient history.

Eliminating significant OBC hardware investments and time-consuming training and implementation means XRS mobile EOBRs give you the freedom to upgrade to the latest smartphones and tablets whenever you need to.


Avoid being trapped on aging wireless networks.

We live in a connected age—and with it, comes a voracious appetite for data. In fact, the demand for data capacity grew 300% last year.

To keep pace with accelerating consumer demand, mobile communications carriers are continuously transitioning to new wireless networks. As they do, they invest less and less to support older bands of spectrum and, eventually, phase them out altogether.

Our mobile EOBR solution runs on whatever network your devices of choice run on, meaning that as the major carriers upgrade their networks, you get to go along for the ride.


Simplify your fleet management systems.

Data silos cost you time and money.

If your fleet management system isn’t integrated with your dispatch, routing and POD applications, your staff is burning time and money jumping from system to system in an effort to get a reasonably complete picture of your business.

With an XRS mobile EOBR platform, integration of third-party systems is seamless, streamlining the flow of critical information.



Easy to install. Easy to learn. Easy to use.


Easy to install.

Installing our 395.15 compliant EOBR is simple and painless.

Just attach the hockey puck-sized XRS Relay to a truck’s dash with adhesive strips and connect it the vehicle’s engine through its diagnostic port.

No holes to drill.

And no hassle.


Easy to learn.

Getting drivers up to speed on XRS is easy.

The XRS EOBR Learning Lab, developed in partnership with Capella Learning Solutions, provides drivers with video-based online courses, lesson tracking, certifications and administrative reporting, whenever they need it and wherever they are.


Easy to use.

Engine data is transferred from the XRS Relay to a driver’s mobile device via Bluetooth, and from there it gets fed into the XRS system, combined with other mission-critical information including elogs, pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections, and served up as intuitive and easy to understand reports in our fleet management system.

In short, our rock solid cloud-based system instantly puts drivers and fleet managers on the same page.



Freedom and efficiency.

The XRS EOBR solution gives drivers the freedom to work in and out of the cab.

Now, they can:

  • Document maintenance issues while walking around their trucks and trailers, ensuring DVIRs are 100% accurate
  • Hand their mobile devices to law enforcement officers for incredibly fast hours of service compliance checks
  • Respond to home office messages from the comfort of their favorite truck stop.

Simple. Efficient. Cost-effective.

There’s simply no reason to wait. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.

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