There are a lot of safety-conscious professional drivers out there, but it only takes a few big rig rodeo clowns to damage your CSA scores—and your business reputation. Truck driver safety simply has to be priority one.

Of course, it works both ways.

Yes, unsafe drivers open you up to liability risk, but your safest drivers need cover, too. When they’ve been cut-off by an inattentive four-wheeler, how will you demonstrate that your driver wasn’t at fault?

It’s time to tackle these fleet safety and liability issues once and for all.


Reduce Unsafe Driving violations and protect the safe drivers who get it right.

Building a safer fleet starts with a sound truck driver safety culture:

  • Identify the safest truck drivers in your fleet and reward them—everyone wants to feel appreciated and your less-than-perfect drivers will take notice.
  • Identify the men and women on your team who demonstrate unsafe driving behaviors and provide the additional coaching they need.
  • Tap your safest drivers to mentor the ones who could use a helping hand—peer-to-peer training can be tremendously effective.
  • When things go wrong on the road, protect your drivers and your business from liability with solid truck driver safety data.

Driver Scorecards help foster truck driver safety.

With Driver Scorecards, you’ll have the trucking intelligence to know what’s what:

  • Find out who your top and bottom drivers are, so you can fairly assess them on critical truck driver safety metrics.
  • Get deeper driver safety performance scores based on configurable, weighted metrics and the total miles driven.
  • Build custom safety scores based on thresholds that you define.
  • Get a handle on critical driver safety metrics at the fleet level for overspeed %, hard brakes, high speed brakes, and Hours of Service violations.
  • Dig deeper into your reports to review critical safety metrics by by driver.
  • Share Driver Scorecards across your organization to encourage fleet-wide improvement and foster a little friendly competition—they’re viewable on mobile devices and PCs.
  • Let drivers walk through their scorecards with their safety managers using the driver role.
  • Export Driver Scorecard data in Excel, CSV, PDF, and Word formats for deeper internal analysis and reporting.

Driver Performance Reporting gives you a leg-up on fleet safety.

With Driver Performance Reporting, you can zero in on bad practices and improve truck driver safety:

  • Our performance dashboard helps you get a handle on driver violations—you’ll be able to check out violation times, as well as violations by daily drive, daily duty, weekly duty, and edits.
  • Speeding reports for driver metrics are based on maximum speeds and grace times you configure, helping you keep key in on repeat speeding violators.
  • Rapid speed changes become easy to uncover, helping you identify potential cases of unsafe driving.
  • Driver Performance Reporting acts as an effective coaching tool for drivers, from safety to efficiency.

Truck driver safety just got easier.

Our rich suite of driver performance tools give you the actionable information you need to build a safer fleet.

Here’s why we do it better than anyone else:

  • Our dashboards help you quickly see critical safety issues and allow you to drill down for rich data insights.
  • Some of our competitors offer individual-level Driver Scorecards. We do that—and give you fleet, organization, and domicile level scorecards, too.
  • Our Driver Scorecards come with your monthly XRS subscription; no need to cough up additional fees.
  • We’ve spent years improving our performance metrics, giving you the data that matters most to your fleet safety program.
  • Our EOBR system connects to the vehicle engine and collects data through driver mobile devices, giving you flexibility, affordability, and an EOBR mandate-ready option, all in one.
  • Your drivers can view safety data from their personal device, meaning you can chat through a report, no matter where they happen to be.
  • Fleet managers won’t need additional applications to review reports on their mobile devices—they’ll have anytime, anywhere access to critical safety data from their smartphones, tablets, or PCs.
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