Are communication breakdowns between your drivers, back office, and third party systems breaking the bank?

When wires get crossed, you lose money. When a Grand Canyon-sized communication gap exists between drivers and fleet managers, you lose money.

Sensing a pattern?

If your team communicates by phone, text, or email, critical business information can be lost or forgotten. That means inefficiencies on your end—and unhappy customers.

It’s time to get everyone on the same page.


Turn the corner on ineffective communication.

When you support effective communication between dispatchers, fleet managers, safety managers, and drivers, you operate a more efficient fleet—and save money:

  • Move from paper processes to paperless, eliminating the need for back office staff to transcribe handwritten driver notes.
  • Reduce inefficient forms of communication that can result in lost critical data, or eliminate them altogether. We’re talking phone calls, hand-written notes, and text messages—gone.
  • Build a communication workflow that makes sense and ensures critical information is captured and easy to reference.
  • Improve communication with your customers to speed invoicing and give them an outstanding customer service experience.
  • Give your customers peace of mind by equipping your drivers with top of the line technology. Remember: Perceptions matter.

Ensuring effective communication is easy.

With FLX form messaging, you’ll improve your communication processes with best-in-class features and functionality:

  • Inbound forms-based messages from your drivers to dispatch streamline communication, as do outbound forms-based messages from dispatch to drivers.
  • Alerts based on form logic ensure critical messages aren’t missed.
  • Form triggers, such as driver login and logout, and stop arrival and departure help you capture the data you need without disturbing drivers when they’re resting or on the road.
  • Scheduled stops include automated arrival and departure based geo-codes. Nice.
  • Automated forms can request real-time vehicle and driver data without driver interaction. That means you can get date, time, location, fuel, motion state, HOS status, odometer data, and more, without causing your drivers needless distraction.
  • Drivers can use the pinch and zoom form factor, paired with the all-too-familiar QWERTY keyboard, making responding to your messages easy.
  • Drivers can capture critical business data, like barcodes, images, and signature captures, right from their mobile devices.
  • Drivers can also scan documents using the high resolution cameras on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Multi-page forms for drivers streamline interaction with the mobile device.
  • You’ll be able to send images and documents, like permits, to your drivers, no matter where they are—and it will be easy.
  • Getting started is simple with sample forms, like load assignment, check call and order status, route planning, POD, OS&D validation, accident and damage, breakdown, delivery and damage image capture, and more.

Superior data capture and communication is our sweet spot.

What do we do better than anyone else?

  • Our drag-and-drop forms creation engine is unique to OBC vendors.
  • Our mobile-first strategy means your drivers will get the most out of their mobile technology.
  • We make it easy for you to push new forms out quickly to mobile devices—and without the need for major software updates.
  • Our forms are easy for your drivers to learn and use.
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Are your drivers and dispatchers on different pages?

If so, you’ll want to sort that out, pronto.

Because when drivers and dispatchers aren’t communicating, Hours of Service violations naturally follow—and that can make you a less competitive fleet.

Now’s the time to tame your broken communication beast.


Speed the flow of HOS information.

Make sharing Hours of Service information simple for your entire team and better HOS Compliance scores will come:

  • Reduce the need for direct driver-dispatcher communication by giving your dispatchers real-time insights into drivers’ available hours.
  • Keep your back office informed when drivers are approaching HOS violations, so they can communicate about the when, where, and why of getting off the road.
  • Make sure Hours of Service information is spot-on accurate by giving your back office staff editing capabilities.

Improving driver-dispatcher communication isn’t hard.

Our 395.15 compliant electronic driver logs give everyone on your team the information they need to make important dispatching decisions:

  • Dispatchers can check to see how many hours their drivers have left without disruption.
  • Auto-generated alerts ping your safety and dispatch teams, so they can reach out to drivers and help them get off the road before violations occur.
  • Hours of Service violation reporting gives you visibility into where issues may exist, so you can address them.
  • Fleet managers can easily edit logs to ensure they’re accurate—and drivers are notified to certify those changes, ensuring they’re never left out of the loop on log corrections.

We help your entire team stay connected.

And here’s how we do it better than the other guys:

  • We’ve made it easy for your drivers to interact with e-logs on their mobile devices.
  • Not only do we capture driver logs on mobile devices, our mobile solution is also 395.15 compliant.
  • With cached logins, your drivers can login even when they don’t have a cellular or satellite connection.
  • Instead of single-purpose hardware, your entire team can use XRS effectively on a range of mobile devices that also offer other important business and personal benefits.
  • XRS is easily accessible, no matter your fleet size or business model. It’s a great option, even if you’re working with a heavy O/O pool of drivers.
  • Our mobile device flexibility means you can adopt a BYOD strategy.
  • Drivers can see edits to their logs, easily identifying exactly what changed, helping address the potential for driver harassment.
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