Quarterly IFTA reporting is enough to leave you tossing and turning at night.

Not only is managing IFTA compliance a time-intensive chore for everyone involved—think about the challenge of deciphering driver handwriting, the extensive paperwork, and the documentation retention requirements—if you get it wrong, you could face an audit and expensive penalties.

It’s time to put your worries to rest—make IFTA reporting a breeze.


Ditch your paper-based IFTA reporting process.

When you put automated mileage collection and fuel tax reporting to work, you’ll sleep easy.


  • Collecting and importing fuel data couldn’t be easier.
  • You’ll dramatically reduce the administrative burden of IFTA fuel tax reporting for your drivers and back office staff.
  • Thanks to highly accurate mileage tracking, you’ll reduce your risk of an IFTA audit.
  • You’ll slash your mountain of paper based records (and the need for document storage) with electronic fuel tax files.

Our automated IFTA reporting solution makes compliance a snap.

We had a simple goal in mind: Make your fuel tax reporting process simple, so you can put your focus where it belongs—on building your trucking business. We succeeded.

Here’s how we lend a helping hand:

  • Automatic state-by-state mileage tracking
  • Import and manual entry options for fuel purchase data
  • Automatic reconciliation of fuel receipts
  • Automatic reconciliation of toll roads
  • Manual entry of mileage information to enable non-XRS units
  • Print, sign, and send capabilities for a fully-automated IFTA reporting process

Simply the best IFTA reporting solution in the trucking industry.

It’s a bold statement, for sure, but we are the only provider that offers a fully automated IFTA reporting process with print, sign, send capabilities.

What’s more, we offer:

  • Reporting that actually works.
  • Official state report filing compared to jurisdiction-only reporting.
  • Mobile capture of fuel data.
  • Odometer-based state line crossing data (compared to GPS-only), giving you data you can depend on.
  • “Period close” functionality to ensure you’re working in the right reporting period.
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