Is poor driver performance gutting your profitability?

Whether it’s fuel costs, labor costs, or vehicle wear and tear—nothing has a greater impact on your operating expenses than driver performance.

Do you know who your best performing drivers are? Can you identify the ones with lead feet?

Are you thinking to yourself, “Well, I’m pretty sure…?” Wrong.

In this business, you absolutely, positively can’t operate on gut feeling. What you need is trucking intelligence. Yesterday.


Improve driver performance.

You’ll cut costs when you incent the best and train the rest:

  • Identify your best drivers and reward their excellent performance—you don’t want to lose them.
  • Tap your most effective drivers to mentor those who could use a little help.
  • Discover who your underperforming drivers are and provide additional coaching.

Outstanding driver performance is possible.

With rich driver intelligence, you’ll have the insights you need to improve behaviors and cut costs:

  • High level fuel analysis reports display metrics across your entire organization for MPG, idle time, and speeding, helping you wrap your brain around the big picture.
  • Drill deeper for domicile profiles and, again, for driver metrics, like total fuel economy, over-speed miles, high RPMs, and more, letting you identify inefficiencies.
  • Compare organizations and domiciles to find those that are outperforming the rest. Are some achieving better MPG? Dig deeper to find their secret sauce.
  • Operational profiles display performance by speed bracket data, including brakes per mile, progressive shifting patterns, and idle wear. Meaning, you’ll know which drivers are beating up your trucks.
  • Easily and fairly rank your top and bottom drivers with driver scorecards. Using configurable, weighted metrics, you’ll know exactly who needs additional coaching.

Our driver reporting capabilities will elevate your operation.

How does XRS trump the competition?

  • Our driver performance dashboards help you quickly identify pain factors and allow you to drill down for deeper trucking intelligence.
  • Drivers can view performance data on their personal mobile devices. Just give them a login to what you’re seeing, empowering them with their own data. (You don’t have to be in the same room to chat through an issue.)
  • Fleet managers don’t need additional apps to give their reports a look-see; they’ll be able to review data on any mobile device they have handy.
  • You’ll get alerts and reports when drivers exceed thresholds, so you’ll know when to set the hot cup of coffee aside in favor of an important safety or compliance issue.
  • While our competitors offer driver score cards, we offer driver, fleet, organization, and domicile level score cards.
  • With years spent fine tuning our performance metrics, we’ve honed in on the ones that impact your business most.
  • Our barely-there XRS Relay provides a connection to the vehicle engine—and we capture data on mobile devices via Bluetooth.
  • Our critical event data is stored in your XRS Relay for up to 30 days.
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Are your trucks costing you a small fortune in fuel and repairs?

When’s the last time you took a hard look at your vehicle inspection and maintenance processes?

The fact is, your drivers and mechanics need to be on the same page. If the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing, you’ll face higher fuel costs, increased vehicle maintenance expenses, breakdowns, Vehicle Maintenance violations, and crashes. And that costs you money.

It’s time to bring more real-time visibility into vehicle inspections and improve truck performance.


Fix your broken vehicle inspection and maintenance processes.

Bring more visibility into inspections and maintenance, and you’ll boost vehicle performance. How?

  • Ensure proper pre- and post-trip inspections happen each and every time and you’ll identify problems early, helping cut maintenance costs.
  • Monitor driver vehicle inspection reports in real-time, so you can be confident that your drivers are operating safe vehicles, helping improve Vehicle Maintenance scores.
  • Make sure mechanics are in-the-loop the moment drivers identify vehicle issues, so they can have parts ready and waiting, speeding repairs.
  • Identify vehicles that aren’t performing as well as they could to keep your assets running efficiently, cutting costs and helping avoid breakdowns.

Improving vehicle maintenance is easy as pie.

You simply need a smarter way to monitor your vehicle inspection and maintenance programs and take a more proactive approach:

  • With our 396.11 DVIR checklist, drivers can fully inspect their vehicle with the support of their mobile device, improving accuracy.
  • When vehicles fail an inspection, your mechanics will receive an automated alert, helping them keep tabs on trucks that need service.
  • Mechanics can view driver inspections and certify repairs they make on the road.
  • Vehicle performance monitoring will keep your entire team informed, displaying critical data like supported fault codes, locations, times, and descriptions.
  • Fuel economy reporting gives you insights into MPG by truck, so you can identify the gas guzzlers and slate them for maintenance, improving fleet fuel efficiency.
  • Operation profile and summary reports, both by vehicle and vehicle group, give you detailed fuel analysis data in configurable speed buckets. View brakes per mile, progressive shifting patterns, and idle engine wear, so you can service the trucks that are taking a beating.
  • Operation profile and summary reports also help you identify when you’ve specd your trucks with the wrong transmission, helping you choose the correct make/model in your next buying cycle.
  • Trucks not living up to their potential? Use your data to have informed conversations with the truck manufacturer or lease provider on real life usage.
  • Utilization reporting shows you which trucks are underused, so you put them to work and get more out from your fleet.

We’ll help you kick vehicle performance into high gear like no other.

With XRS 396.11 compliant DVIR and vehicle performance monitoring reports, you get more:

  • Our mobile DVIR means your drivers have the ability to capture inspection data on-the-spot, improving pre- and post-trip inspection accuracy.
  • Real-time missed inspection alerts mean you’re able to take a more proactive approach to vehicle maintenance—and CSA compliance.
  • With vehicle performance monitoring, you’ll have the ability to see fleet and individual truck level data.
  • The depth of our vehicle performance reporting is unmatched, including operation profiles and the application of speed-by-band reporting.
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Not 100% sure where your trucks and drivers are?

That’s a problem.

If identifying truck and driver locations is a guessing game, chances are you’re racking up out-of-route miles and making inefficient dispatching decisions. In short, you’re leaving money on the table.

Sure, you could check in with your drivers, but that’s an inefficient way to operate and the distractions could invite safety issues.

It’s time to bring real-time asset visibility to your operation.



Get a better handle on the locations of your assets.

When you improve asset visibility, you’ll operate a more efficient, effective fleet:

  • Identify the precise locations of your vehicles and dispatch the ones located closest to your customers.
  • Proactively monitor asset locations, so you can identify out-of-route miles quickly and get drivers back on track, cutting fuel costs and saving time.
  • Identify overlapping routes and use those insights to create more efficient route plans.
  • Provide real-time asset location information to your customers, giving them a better service experience without having to distract your drivers.

Real-time asset visibility made easy.

FleetView paints an accurate picture of your driver, vehicle, and site locations, informing every decision you make:

  • Find your assets on a map and get insights into their motion state.
  • Filter based on organization and resource groups.
  • Want to dig deeper? Use quick filters, such as activity, vehicles in violation, trucks with co-drivers, and rigs sitting idle, just waiting for a pilot.
  • From your quick filters, drill down into vehicle and driver data for deeper insights.
  • View breadcrumb or last known location details, informing your operation and improving customer service.
  • Check out road, aerial, and bird’s eye mapping views that offer the benefit of real time traffic information.
  • Not only locate vehicles near customer sites, but view their Hours of Service data, so you make the best dispatching decisions possible.
  • Link to other features in the XRS system, like messaging, reports, and entity management to make operational efficiency easy.

Our asset visibility tools are different.

Here’s why:

  • Rather than giving you historical data and dots on a map, we offer quick filters, as well as views with corresponding Hours of Service-related data.
  • Our interface is a snap to use, offering all the information you need to make critical dispatch decisions.
  • We’ve added trip and site data all on one screen.
  • Asset mapping on mobile. Hello?
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