Finally, electronic driver logs you can count on.

Whether you’re running on paper logs or a competitor’s electronic driver logs solution, the fact is you jumped online in search of a better option—and you found it.

Maybe your driving motivation is the ELD mandate or perhaps a rash of Hours of Service violations prompted your search.

Then again, maybe you’re thinking more proactively; you know there’s a safety component to Hours of Service, you want to alleviate paperwork headaches across your entire organization, and you want to be dang sure your future Hours of Service audits are smooth as butter.

In any case, we’re confident you’ll find what you need right here.


Hours of Service Compliance

Want to run an efficient, HOS compliant fleet? Electronic driver logs are your answer.

Correction: XRS e-logs are your answer.

See, when you transition to XRS electronic driver logs, everyone wins. Consider this:

  • Our e-logs help reduce drivers’ paperwork burden, giving them, on average, an additional 15 minutes per day.
  • Drivers get even more time on the road when they can log their time right down to the minute, as opposed to rounding to the nearest 15 with paper logs.
  • With all of your driver log data located in one place, you’ll have the real-time insights you need to run an Hours of Service compliant operation.
  • Safety-conscious brokers and shippers won’t disqualify your drivers, based on HOS violations, helping you cut costs associated with filling those empty seats, including driver recruitment and training.
  • When you proactively monitor your drivers’ available hours, you help avoid, not only HOS violations, but damaging OOS orders and civil penalties, ranging from $1000 – $11,000.
  • Don’t have a CSA score yet? You’ll have the next best thing: An internal violations report.
  • The ELD mandate will put pressure on those who contribute to inefficiency across the entire supply chain—and that includes shippers. If they’re part of your problem, you’ll be able to charge detention billing with the data you’ll capture from your electronic driver logs.


You want to comply with the ELD mandate…but how?

For starters, you need to know what makes an Electronic Logging Device compliant in the first place.

When shopping around, the solution you choose must:

  • Connection to the vehicle’s engine.
  • Display electronic driver log data for law enforcement.

There are a lot of e-log solutions on the market these days, so it’s important you understand your options.

Old school on-board recorders, or OBC systems, can certainly log driver hours, but the proprietary, fixed hardware requires a significant up-front capital investment, it’s expensive to update, and it’s single-purpose technology. What’s more, you’ll be forced to drill holes into your dash and mount a dome on your roof.

Clearly, mobile electronic driver logs are the way forward—and new entrants to the marketplace are flooding in. What you need to keep in mind, though, is that mobile app-only solutions that don’t connect to the engine are not compliant. Period.

So, as you’re doing your apples-to-apples comparisons, keep these points in mind.


Looking for rich electronic driver logs functionality? You’ve got it.

Let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts of what our e-logs can do for you:

  • You’ll have a complete, real-time picture of your drivers’ HOS status.
  • Dispatchers will make cleaner dispatches, thanks to the available hours information they’ll have at their fingertips.
  • Your drivers won’t have to worry about updating between on-duty and driving status; we’ll do that automatically, based on vehicle motion.
  • We’ll also automatically annotate time, location, and other notes within driver duty status changes.
  • Switching duty status between sleeper berth, on-duty, driving, and off-duty is easy with our graphical, user-friendly interface.
  • To comply with roadside inspections, your drivers can simply hand their mobile device to the law enforcement officer.
  • Both audible and visual alerts will let your drivers know when they’re running out of hours, are reaching their on-duty time limits, or need to take a mandatory 30-minute rest break.
  • When 10 hour reset periods are approaching, our warnings will help ensure your drivers are logged in properly.
  • With our driver log editor, you’ll be able to easily update missing or inaccurate driver data—and drivers will be asked to certify those changes, so everyone’s always on the same page.

Our mobile electronic driver logs stand apart from the competition.

And here’s why:

  • If there’s one thing we know, it’s electronic driver logs. In fact, we delivered the industry’s first e-log solution in 1989.
  • Our history gives us the experience we need to grow and adapt. Don’t believe us? We’re the first fully-mobile platform on the market.
  • Our e-logs are robust and simple to use; that’s why XRS is being used by the largest fleets in the country, individual owner/operators, and everyone in-between.
  • We make edits to electronic driver logs visible to the driver, giving them control of their data and helping address potential areas of driver harassment.
  • We’ve made interacting with our electronic logs easy for drivers on their mobile devices.
  • Our mobile solution is 395.15 compliant.
  • We cache driver logins, so your drivers can log their data even if they don’t have a cellular or satellite connection.
  • Instead of a one-trick-pony—er, device—you and your drivers will be able to use XRS on a wide range of smartphones and tablets that offer benefits far beyond electronic driver logs.
  • You can harness the devices you’ve already deployed to your mobile workers or adopt a BYOD strategy.
  • Are your drivers concerned about harassment? About being woken up at night? Not a problem; they can mute their phones and ensure they get a good night’s sleep.


Reduce driver resistance

Show drivers that e-logs aren’t the Big Bad Wolf.

With some simple, painless steps, you can reduce driver resistance to mobile electronic driver logs:

  • For starters, adopt an e-log solution that’s easy to use and improves the work life of your drivers. (Oh, and that just-right solution? It’s XRS.)
  • Communicate with your drivers early and often. No one likes having change jammed down their throat at the last moment, so keep them looped into your search for an e-log solution, as well as throughout your implementation process.
  • Show drivers the benefits of adopting a mobile lifestyle if they don’t get it already—and they probably do—like staying in touch with family and friends by phone, social media, and video conferencing, for one. (And that’s before we even get to video streaming, gaming, and other entertainment options.)
  • Before you install electronic driver logs on your trucks, try one out on your own personal vehicle. You’ll quickly become an in-house expert and positioned to address driver questions quickly.
  • Everyone likes to know that their hard work is appreciated, so build an incentive program that rewards your top performers on critical KPIs.

trucking intelligence

So, are electronic driver logs enough?

We’d argue, no. At least, not if you want to operate a highly competitive fleet.

There are some cheap logging solutions on the market, but without a connection to the engine, they’re simply not compliant. (Really, they’re little more than online coloring books.) They also can’t help you identify where your operation is stumbling or help you map out a path to efficiency and profitability.

Armed with Trucking Intelligence from XRS, not only will you master your HOS compliance headaches, you’ll also have the actionable information you need to improve driver and truck performance.

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