It’s quite simple, really: When you improve CSA scores, you become a more attractive option to shippers, keep insurance premiums down, and polish your brand reputation.

And that’s before we even consider the benefits of clean audits and FMCSA interventions.

Demonstrate you’re a safe, trustworthy carrier with CSA scores you’re proud of and command the marketplace.


Being proactive is the key to rock solid CSA scores.

Identify issues early and address them—before they become violations:

  • Monitor driver safety behaviors across your entire organization and provide additional coaching to those that pose your fleet’s greatest crash risk.
  • Improve vehicle inspection processes, as well as communication between your drivers and mechanics, to ensure your trucks are the safest on the road.
  • Monitor your drivers’ available hours in real-time and step in to help them avoid Hours of Service violations.
  • Learn from your mistakes; if there’s an accident, conduct a thorough review and take corrective action, so it doesn’t happen again.

Protecting your CSA scores is easy to do, if you have the right tools.


Monitor four of seven BASICs with XRS.

We’ll give you the trucking intelligence you need to improve CSA scores within the Unsafe Driving, Hours of Service Compliance, Vehicle Maintenance, and Crash Indicator categories.

You just need to put these robust reporting features to work:

  • Driver Scorecards
  • Driver Performance Reporting
  • Electronic Driver Logs
  • Hours of Service Tracking
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Critical Event Reporting

Let’s take a look…

Identify and improve unsafe driving behaviors with Driver Scorecards.

When you know who your safest drivers are—and who needs more training—you can target your coaching efforts and improve CSA scores:

  • Get up-to-speed fast with a dashboard view of your critical fleet metrics.
  • Rank your top and bottom drivers.
  • Focus on the unsafe driver behaviors that matter most with performance scores you configure.
  • Create custom scores based on organization-defined thresholds.
  • Drill down into critical safety metrics for over speed %, hard brakes, high speed brakes, and HOS violations.
  • Get to the root of the problem when you drill down for deeper analysis.
  • Share Driver Scorecards throughout your organization; they’re viewable on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Using the driver role, the men and women who operate your trucks can walk through their scorecards with their safety manager.
  • Want to export driver, fleet, and organization-level data? Not a problem. We can deliver your data in Excel, CSV, PDF, and Word formats.

Driver Performance Reporting helps you get a handle on overspeed issues.

In addition to helping you eek out greater efficiency fleet-wide, Driver Performance Reporting also gives you key safety insights:

  • You’ll be able to access speeding metrics at the driver, vehicle, and organizational level.
  • You’ll identify potential safety issues that matter to you with speeding thresholds that you configure.
  • You’ll uncover potential incidents of unsafe driving with reporting that reveals rapid speed changes.

Intervene before low hours become violations with Hours of Service reporting.

Managing an HOS compliant fleet is critical to improving your CSA scores—and we make it easy:

  • Select your rule set, including US Federal, US State, Canadian, and Canadian provincial rules. Oilfield and state provisions, HOS exceptions, personal conveyance, and team driving rule sets are also included.
  • Get real-time alerts and deep data insights when your drivers are in HOS violation, so you can act quickly.
  • Receive alerts when drivers have low drive time, so you can step in and help them avoid violations.
  • Easily edit driver logs. Then, get sign-offs from your drivers using an easy-to-use driver log creation tool.
  • Manage unassigned vehicle activity on the off-chance your driver forgot to log in.
  • Drill down reporting makes it easy to get to actionable data.
  • Record driver meetings and other on-duty times away from the domicile to ensure HOS compliance.
  • Filter logs with violations and log edits, so you can identify patterns and resolve issues before they impact your CSA scores.
  • Find potential violations with summary level reporting for large organizations.

Run an Hours of Service compliant fleet with electronic driver logs.

With a wealth of alerts and automation, XRS e-logs help drivers avoid violations and improve your CSA scores:

  • No need to worry about on-duty and driving status updates; XRS does that automatically, based on vehicle motion.
  • We’ll also capture time, location, and important details within driver duty status changes automatically.
  • Our graphical, intuitive interface makes updating duty status between sleeper berth, on-duty, driving, and off-duty a snap.
  • Our e-logs comply with law enforcement requirements. Drivers just hand over their mobile device for review and they’re good to go.
  • Audible and visual alerts help your drivers comply with driving time limits, on-duty time limits, and 30-minute rest breaks.
  • Warnings prompt your drivers to log in when they’re coming up on their 10 hour reset periods.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance scores with our easy-to-use DVIR.

Pre- and post-trip inspection reporting couldn’t be easier with our mobile, 396.11 DVIR. What’s more, it keeps drivers and mechanics on the same page, helping you operate a safe, well-maintained fleet and protect your CSA scores.

Here’s how:

  • Using a checklist on their mobile device, drivers can enter inspection data on-the-spot, ensuring more accurate reporting.
  • Drivers can also review previous inspections, right from their smartphone or tablet.
  • Drivers can self-certify repairs they perform on the road.
  • Mechanics receive alerts of vehicles with failed inspections, so they can service the vehicle quickly.
  • Mechanics can log into XRS Cloud to view inspections and certify repairs.
  • Fleet managers can easily manage DVIR reporting and vehicle maintenance.
  • Fleet managers can stay on-top-of vehicle maintenance, viewing completed inspections through detailed inspection reports.
  • Missed DVIR warnings help fleet managers act proactively to avoid Vehicle Maintenance violations.

Critical event reporting gives you robust safety incident data.

Accidents—and near-accidents—happen. But when priority one is running a safety-first fleet, you do everything you can to learn from past crashes and prevent future ones.

Not only can we can help you identify the drivers that are triggering critical events, we give you the data you need to protect drivers (and your CSA scores) when they’re not at fault:

  • We capture engine and driver behavior data, down to 0.2 seconds around the critical event.
  • You can review hard brake event insights to gain a deep understanding of what happened during a crash or near-miss, including vehicle speed, direction, RPM, throttle, brake, cruise, and clutch data.
  • You’ll get location data where the critical event occurred—and you’ll be able to link to FleetView to conduct an accident investigation.
  • You can view reporting by organization and driver—and audit critical events and locations by date.
  • When a crash or near-miss happens, you’ll know with alerts configurable on hard brake speed thresholds.
  • Noise filtering will help you reduce the potential for false rapid acceleration or deceleration alerts.

Improve CSA scores with leading-edge trucking technology.

Our disruptive mobile-first strategy has shaken up the competition. Now, it’s time for you to shake up yours.

  • Mobile technology is the future and we’ve embraced it with our fully-mobile platform. It’s the first on the market, in fact.
  • With minimal startup costs, simple installation, and easy usage, you can start to improve CSA scores today.
  • Our connection to the engine gives you insight into events that really matter, unlike GPS-only solutions.
  • We live and breathe safety and compliance, and we’re proud to serve some of the safest fleets—with some of the best CSA scores—in the country.
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