Xata Turnpike Now More Powerful and Portable

Xata has added two more stunning additions to its certified device lineup: the Dell Streak 7 tablet and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Both devices run on the Android operating system, and offer a variety of features suited for different fleet needs, making it easier than ever for fleets and drivers to remain compliant, while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Dell Streak 7
The Dell Streak 7 is Xata’s third Android tablet, blending affordability with performance.  Drivers will like the large 7” screen – perfect for keeping an eye on remaining drive time or navigation. Fleets will like the damage-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass display and the flexibility of offering drivers technology that does not require a voice plan. This device combines the power and portability of a 7” tablet with Android Honeycomb, the first-ever OS specifically designed for tablets.


Samsung Galaxy S II
This premium smartphone is as light as a feather with an ultra-thin design and a lightning-fast dual-core application processor that supports high-speed multitasking. It also boasts a highly damage-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 4.3” display, and an 8MP camera with LED flash.

Both devices are available through AT&T.

If you’re in the market for a device that will enable you to comply with CSA and increase your on-the-road productivity, one of these new Android devices may be right for you. Xata Turnpike runs on more than 30 other phones, tablets and rugged handhelds. To find the device that’s right for you, visit the Xata Mobility Matrix..