Find the Right Electronic Onboard Recorder for Your Fleet

Like anyone who feels confident about the products they offer, I can report a lot of days when I feel a little bit like an all-star. These moments happen often when I meet with a potential customer after they’ve already met with the competition.


It comes down to one simple word: CHOICE.

Offering affordable, flexible technology and solutions that fit every unique need is how Xata has managed to separate itself from the competition. Meanwhile, other, less flexible providers try to shoehorn every fleet into a one-size-fits-all EOBR.

One powerful benefit of the Xata Turnpike solution? Portability.

Well, you can’t fit Shaq or Mini-Me into a size 9—and the same concept certainly applies here. When your focus is on delivering targeted, cost-effective tools that help fleets meet the trucking regulatory compliance issues of today, you have to offer options.

So, we’ve adapted a simple formula for offering winning solutions:

Flexibility + Choice – High Expense = Greater ROI +CSA Compliance

And it’s a formula that works.

We at Xata meet personally with fleet managers and drivers, and ask lots of questions to gain a deep understanding of their unique CSA perspectives and fleet optimization goals. To best fit their EOBR needs, their budgets, and maximize their return on investment, we take advantage of Xata Turnpike’s flexibility. Our customers can:


  • Choose their device. A wide-range of mobile technology devices support Xata Turnpike, transmitting GPS and engine diagnostics data without the need for an embedded modem or satellite communications. And our customers can decide which mobile devices serve their needs best, whether they be smartphones, tablets or cell phones.


  • Select their carrier. We remain agnostic on our carriers—AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and Rogers. Only our customers know which mobile phone service provider’s plan will be most reliable and cost-effective, and so we leave that decision to them.


  • Take their device with them. Because Xata Turnpike is delivered through a host of mobile phone technologies, on-duty drivers can track their Hours of Service, record vehicle inspections, and capture fuel tax reporting data while on-the-clock—and Skype their family from a favorite roadside diner or stream videos from their sleeper berth at day’s end.

So, you see—offering fleets choice and delivering affordable, flexible EOBR solutions doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. We do it every day.

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