Focus on: Apps for Fleets and Drivers (Part 2 of 3)

Last week, I introduced some statistics about mobile apps and how they’ll soon dominate the world of computing. Today, I want to highlight some mobile apps for the trucking industry.

Prices have dropped. Usability has improved. Capabilities have become more robust. Now’s the time to move to mobile.


Cheetah Mobile: Improve efficiency with real-time information
Looking to connect field workers with dispatch, customer service, management and customers? Cheetah Mobile may be for you. In real time, via two-way messaging, the app features dynamic ETA updates and proof of delivery verification, including barcode scanning, signature capture and photos. It even includes voice navigation. With this app, drivers can:

•    Get turn-by-turn directions
•    Update order status
•    Stay in touch with the back office
•    Easily access a variety of productivity tools


Co-Pilot Live Truck: Customize routes
This first-of-its kind app uses voice-guided GPS-navigation to give drivers customized, safe and reliable truck-legal routes calculated based on vehicle size, weight and load type. Maps are downloaded and stored directly on the phone, providing drivers instant access—even when offline. With this app, drivers can:

•    Avoid low-clearance and weight-restricted roads
•    Create custom route profiles for easy switching between vehicles
•    View and plan efficient routing options
•    Help avoid out-of-route miles


FatSecret Calorie Counter: Eat better, live healthier
Trying to eat right when traveling can be a real challenge, especially when drivers are behind the wheel: time is tight, hours are long and access to restaurants is limited by parking constraints and highway access. With the rising cost of health insurance benefits, establishing healthy eating habits is more important than ever. This app helps drivers eat healthy for the long haul. With this app, drivers can:

•    Look up nutrition information for foods found at most restaurants
•    Scan barcodes for instant nutrition information on packaged foods
•    Track total daily calories, fat and carbs, which can help drivers identify unhealthy habits and set healthier one


FleetSafer Mobile: Eliminate the temptation of unsafe driving
We’ve all seen what the federal government is proposing to do about distracted driving. And 100,000 is a good reason. 100,000. That’s the number of accidents texting contributes to each year. Whether reading a text or writing a text message, a driver looks away from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. During that time, at 55 miles per hour, his or her vehicle will travel the length of an entire football field. Compliant with state and local distracted driving laws, FleetSafer eliminates the temptation to text, email or browse the web while driving. Along with a comprehensive distracted driving policy, with this app, drivers can:

•    Block texts and emails while driving
•    Automatically respond to incoming emails and texts with a message telling others that they are busy driving
•    Preserve their phone’s battery because the app runs only when the user is in motion


GasBuddy: Find the cheapest diesel
When burning hundreds or thousands of gallons of diesel each week, even the smallest savings can add up. The free GasBuddy app relies on a community of users working together to give drivers up-to-date diesel prices for thousands of stations across the U.S. and Canada. With this app, drivers can:

•    Find the cheapest fuel
•    Locate nearby fueling stations and sort them by fuel prices
•    View fuel stations in a list or plotted on a map
•    See which stations have which features (ATM, convenience store, service station, etc.)
•    Earn points toward prizes by reporting fuel prices

Check back next week for another list of great apps. In the meantime, what is your go-to, must-have industry app?