Xata names Xceed Award winners

In December we shared a bit about our Xceed program at Xata. Today we are proud to unveil the new look of the Xceed Award program as part of our overall Xata brand update. This new look for 2012 is part of our ongoing effort to recognize our employee’s shining achievements.

Our most recent Xceed top honors went to Bill Bassing and Aaron Strommer. Both received $250 gas cards in recognition of them going above and beyond at Xata.

Bill took on a critical project outside of his assigned workload, and spent much of his holiday time off completing the project for an important customer.

Aaron worked a new customer through their initial implementation, and received glowing reviews from the new client.

Four employees were awarded with $100 gift certificates to the restaurants of their choosing. Those awards went to:
•    Tim Hackenmiller
•    Stephen Bohlman
•    Willie Flowers
•    Kam Roshan

Last, but not least, the following employees were awarded with cool Xata gear to sport around the office:
•    Matt Srnec
•    Aaron Swearingen
•    Richard Schipp
•    Gary Wurtzberger
•    Michele Nunnally

Congratulations to all of the winners, for their continued efforts to make Xata excellent. If any readers out there have a particularly outstanding encounter with a Xata employee, we would love to hear about it and recognize them as part of our Xceed program!