Employee Spotlight: Ryan Barnett


Meet Ryan Barnett, Market Analyst at our headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN.

Ryan enjoyed a scuba diving adventure with the product marketing team on a recent trip to Cancun, Mexico.


Ryan has been with the company for almost two years, and is truly our in-house market and industry expert.


What, exactly, do you do at Xata?

I spend my time understanding the marketplace that Xata works in and sharing that intelligence within our company. I help identify target markets, keep an eye on the competition, evaluate partners and give inputs to shape Xata’s strategy in light of these changing environments.

What is your favorite accomplishment at Xata so far?

I visited 15 customers within a month. Ride-alongs, customer visits, and industry events all give great input into what we are doing – and there are few things that will teach you faster than sitting in a dispatch office for a day. Those visits helped guide our long-term strategy and validated many assumptions for our products and services.

What part of your job interests you the most?

There is a regulatory storm that is hitting our clients, which is causing a bit of a market tornado for vendors in Xata’s space. Understanding where we can make an impact by helping fleets with these regulations makes me happy to be in this industry.

What are the biggest challenges to your job?

Gathering data is one thing – turning it into actionable intelligence is another. I strive every day to share what I’ve learned and help people in their day to day actions.

What kind of cell phone do you use personally?

An AT&T iPhone for my personal calls, a Verizon BlackBerry Curve for work-related business, and a Sprint Air Card for wireless internet access anywhere.

Favorite website or blog?

I can’t live without my Google Reader RSS feeds – Boy Genius Report is one of my favorite blogs. CCJ is great for trucking related material.

Favorite new technology?

How the Cloud will impact our life. Everything from streaming media to connected devices like tablets. I’m excited for the possibilities that a connected world will give us.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys working out, brewing his own beer and reading annual reports. He says “there’s nothing like curling up with EDGAR at night, reading a great 10-K.” Whatever keeps you as an industry expert, Ryan…


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