Household Goods Shipping Company Makes the Move to EOBRs

Household goods shipping has always been an “adapt or die” business — a fact that has never been truer than it is today. That’s because once innocent mistakes are now troubling CSA violations. And regardless of whether your role is behind the wheel or behind a desk — you understand the link between regulation violations and your carrier’s bottom line.

A trucking company that stumbles now could very well go the way of the Dodo.

Kathy Grigbsy, Director of Safety and Risk Management for COVAN and Coleman American-Allied is one of those in the household goods shipping business that really “gets it.” She loves her job, takes great pride in her carriers’ safety awareness, and is taking a proactive approach to ensure her drivers are able to compete over the long haul.

As far as Kathy’s concerned, there is no other option.

The trucking industry’s shifting regulatory landscape

The moving business has always been fraught with high anxiety. Families and businesses place their trust — and valuable assets — in the hands of companies like COVAN and Coleman American-Allied. And now, increasingly complex trucking regulations are adding to stress loads.

Coleman American-Allied has earned the trust of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

How so?

Kathy points to the changes that came with CSA in 2010. She says the rules and regulations haven’t changed, but the way they’re being looked at has — and that’s presenting a whole host of challenges for trucking companies.

“In the past, if you had your out-of-service rate under control, then small items that were written down on a roadside inspection were considered a laundry list. A fix-it ticket is what it was called,” Kathy said.

Now, what her carriers once viewed as helpful hints from the DOT can result in points that could potentially put them out-of-service.

HOS compliance especially tricky in household goods shipping

That’s also true of Hours of Service, says Kathy. Record Duty Status Not Current was once considered an “innocent error.” No longer. Now those simple form and manner violations can result in poor CSA scores and, at the very least, impact your ability to compete for loads.

As if this wasn’t enough, Kathy had to deal with an added layer of complexity — as many of her drivers operated under multiple authorities.

“We always made our drivers run with an Allied logbook once they were qualified Allied. Then, if they changed authority to Coleman American, we stamped it with Coleman American and entered the miles and fuel in our database.”

It was a paper management headache — and one that opened the carrier up to those pesky (albeit innocent) human errors that could mean violations.

Household goods shipping company implements EOBRs

Kathy decided it was time to move her drivers to electronic logging devices, so she began a phased Turnpike implementation.

Was it successful in eliminating HOS violations?

Kathy answered with a resounding yes.

In fact, Kathy credits Turnpike with saving a good driver’s job. While she said he was a safe, hard working driver, repeated form and manner violations were placing the carrier at risk. The move to Turnpike meant he could focus on what he did very well — driving — while Kathy could put her HOS violations concerns to bed.

“Since we installed Turnpike, he hasn’t had a single HOS violation. His logs are always up-to-date, they’re always here.”

Taking the guesswork out of RODS with multi-authority function

As for the multi-authority problem, XRS helped Kathy come up with a solution.

The new multi-authority function, created for COVAN and Coleman American-Allied, means drivers can accurately and efficiently manage HOS across multiple authorities. Now, it’s as simple as selecting the correct authority on their mobile devices. From there, Turnpike does the rest, making the appropriate notations on their electronic driver logs.

All in all, Kathy views the EOBR implementation as a huge success for her household goods shipping companies

Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it.

Please, watch as Kathy shares her own experience with Turnpike.

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