Checking Your PSP Report – A How-To on Driver CSA Scores


Several drivers came to us this past month in search of a helping hand—and their common request was a simple one: How do I get my hands on my driver CSA score?

They told us they searched online for “CSA score,” but when the login screen requested their US DOT# and PIN, they were left scratching their heads. As company drivers, how could they take a peek at the information their employers had easy access to?

Looking for your driver PSP report? We’ll show you how.

Their frustration was totally understandable.

See, what they were really looking for were their Pre-Employment Screening Program reports—or PSPs.

Unfortunately, across the trucking industry, PSP reports are often referred to as “driver CSA scores,” so it’s only natural that, when they jumped online, they ended up in the wrong place.

Well, we’d like to clear things up.

CSA score vs. PSP report: What’s the difference?

The FMCSA generates a CSA score for all motor carrier entities, including O/Os.

Using the Safety Management System (SMS) to capture roadside inspection results, safety violations and crashes for all drivers and vehicles across the entire fleet, the system then compares one carrier’s BASICs data to others of similar size to come up with a percentile ranking. The “CSA Score.”

The higher that score, the more likely the FMCSA believes you’ll be involved in an accident—and the more likely you’ll be inspected in the future.

To access that information, an O/O simply needs to login to SMS with their US DOT# and PIN. (If you don’t have a PIN, you can request one from the USDOT).

A PSP Report, on the other hand, captures data relating to a single company driver—you.

That report will reflect MCMIS crash data going back five years and MCMIS roadside inspection data going back three years.

(However, infractions issued by state law enforcement won’t be included in the PSP reporting. For that information, you’ll need to make a direct request through your state’s DMV.)

So, why is reviewing your PSP report important?

How carriers are using PSP reports

More and more, carriers are turning to the PSP report as a regular part of their hiring review process. In fact, this article from Overdrive reports that 81% of carriers review your PSP at some point during your application and interview process.

It’s an increasingly important part of their due diligence.

They understand that any new hire’s safety and compliance performance has the potential to negatively impact their CSA score. And, as shippers and 3PLs are now being found liable for the accidents caused by the carriers they hire, they’re taking a much closer look at those carrier’s safety histories. That means a poor CSA score could cost a carrier the contract.

In addition, carriers are using PSP reports to weed out problem drivers from their talent pool.

That means, if your PSP report is inaccurate, you could be denied a honey of a job or the one you already have could be in jeopardy.

How to check your PSP report

The good news? It’s a simple process, really.

All you have to do is login to the FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program system.

Once there, you’ll need to provide your current driver’s license number (and any license numbers you’ve held in the previous five years, if you’ve moved), a credit card (sigh, a $10 charge applies), and an email address.

Enter the information and you’ll have the PSP report in your hands.

(On a side note, you can get your hands on this information for free by submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the FMCSA, but be prepared to wait several weeks.)

Hopefully, you’ve downloaded your report and everything checks out.

In case the information isn’t accurate, though, you may be able to contest it.

What can you contest, and how?

If you think your PSP report is inaccurate, here’s what you can do—and what you can’t.

If your report identifies a violation that’s documented on an inspection report, and it’s inaccurate, you can request a data review through the FMCSA’s DataQs site. Of course, the more documentation you have to support your case, the better. (We talk a little bit about that process in this post.)

You should also be aware that, if a state court determines that you’re not in violation, your record will not be automatically cleared. Again, you’ll have to submit a request through DataQs.

Unfortunately, not everything reflected on your PSP report can be challenged.

If you’ve been cited during an inspection or traffic stop, that’s off limits. And crashes that must be reported to the FMCSA may also not be reviewed—even if it was determined that you weren’t at fault.

Check your PSP report, and check often

Like your personal credit report, your PSP report has the potential to do some serious career damage if it’s wrong.

So, we encourage you to check periodically.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

27 thoughts on “Checking Your PSP Report – A How-To on Driver CSA Scores

  1. I had a level 1 inspection in Connecticut on 4/21. I received two violations for ifta sticker not properly placed and a so called air leak on trailer..well today 4/23 safety calls irate stating I received an improper turn and unsafe driving at the scale in which I never signed for or got issued. Now I sent another copy of my inspection showing its not true…safety returns and says they issued an dispute…I’ve checked my PSP nothing shows how can I see on my csa if this is true….FYI the call came after I sent in two weeks notice but Im not sure if thatcould’ve played a role..some drivers think so

  2. I got a copy of my PSP report today and noticed (2) vehicle violations 393.134(b)(3) which is rear of container not properly secured. At that time i recieved those tickets I was driving a Rolloff truck with self locking box hooks. IWhen I turned the tickets into my safety MGR he told me that i was in compliance with DOT regulations. From what I understand the tickets were dismissed because the locking hooks used on our truck are compliant with DOT regulations ( ) this is the set up we use on our trucks. How can I get those violations removed from my PSP score? Any help would be greatly appericated Thank you..

  3. I have been a driver for about 6 years now, and had a perfect PSP until two months ago went to work for a company and in that time I received 3 log line violations,( was randomly inspected 3times) and turned my truck over because paper rolls I was hauling shifted because shipper never put rubber mats under rolls even lied to me and told me he done it. Anyways, is my driving career over?

    • About two years ago i was stopped twice within a small period of time and cited numerous times. I was driving a ” duelly ” pulling a 40′ float that was purchased from a local farmer. Nor the truck or trailer were licensed for interstate commerse.i really did not know the rules or regs regarding this. Now my scores from the various reporting agencies have made it nearly impossible for myself to acquire a good paying driving job. I need help, please.

  4. Let’s say I spent my hard earned $10.00 got my report and moved on. Now in your guess how often should I check and is it going to cost me every time. I get the free way and you know like the whole system thinks $10 is nothing but for a real family $10 is $10 I was taught and believe in still saving penny’s even take the time to pick one up off the ground. Seems like another way to help insurance company’s fire hard working men.
    Pod (pissed off driver)

  5. Why did a potential employer have a report on me dating back to when I got my cdl 24 years ago. Isn’t it only supposed to go back three year’s?

  6. If I had a fatality in 2003 how long does this stay and hold any weight with me looking to become employed in the trucking industry? How much will an accident like this weigh on my DAC report when I go to look for another job?

  7. I have my PSP report but I cannot find the total CSA score # anywhere on this form. Where do I look to find the score on the PSP report form? Thanks.

  8. Is there such a thing as Driver CSA Points and a Driver CSA Score?

    I hear conflicting stories. I have two moving violations shown on my PSP. Both are legitimate. No argument. But both are minor. 1) Missing a scale 2) Wrong lane in a construction zone (no work underway, no workers present.)

    I have no reportable accidents, no speeds, stop signs, reckless, DUI, or careless. Just wondering if there is a driver CSA and if so, where do I find it? Thank you for your help.

  9. an i also need to find out how to get a couple of inspections off,one company i drove for never did any work on their equipment,got put outta service cause a airline drug a flat spot on it,an one cause another company didnt put company name,mc #,or the dot# on the truck,went throught 3 weight stations,then brownsville,TN. the company got a ticket but it on my csa can i get those took off,an suggetions would help[

  10. LAST I HAD A GUY RUN UP UNDER MY TADEMS on my trailer ,while waiting on SHP to get there rescue squad arrived,to check if anybody was hurt had us move outta the road cause we had traffic blocked,we moved whenSHP finally arrived he could not tell who was at fault so all he did was do a exchange of info with us,an told me it would not be on my MVR,or anything cause all he was doing was an exchange an that our insurance comp could pay for our owmn damage . i had no damage ,he had a scrape on front bumper, was not give a ticket only a report now i lost a job cause now it shows up on my a can i challege that or have it took off.

  11. Is a bad psp Report the end of road for driver.

    I worked for companies that did not maintain trucks and overweight. Now my psp is bad and no job for reasons beyond me. I have no accidents, DUI, or any feloney. Help I need a job.

    • Your PSP will show MCMIS crash data going back five years and MCMIS roadside inspection data going back for three. Thanks for the question, James!

  12. Sir, if you were cited for an accident and the charge is dismissed by the court will it still be on your PSP?

    Thank you… dan

  13. Please call me and walk me through the process to get a copy of my psp report and be able to challenge any points I may need to,,, my number is 417-328-8092. Thank you

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