Your CSA Score – How To Check It (And Why You Should!)


Today, there are 512,180 carriers actively operating in the United States, and 55,000 of them are over the FMCSA’s intervention threshold. And that’s not all—those 55,000 carriers may also be under greater scrutiny by the insurance companies who adjust their premiums and the shippers actively searching for a reputable fleet.

When it comes to your CSA score, where do you stand?

If you’re not sure, we encourage you to find out. There are two ways you can access your CSA score:

1) Enter your USDOT number and USDOT number PIN into the SMS login page.
(If you don’t have a PIN, request one from the USDOT. You’ll receive your PIN via snailmail in 4-7 days.)
2) Alternately, you can login to the FMCSA Portal and click the SMS link.

So, where does the Safety Measurement System (SMS) get its data?

Each month, the SMS pulls a monthly data snapshot from the FMCSA’s national database. That information includes roadside inspections, safety violations, crashes reported by State law enforcement, motor carrier registration and census data, and investigations conducted by State and Federal authorities.

That data is then used to compare carriers of similar size across several Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories, or BASICs:

Unsafe driving
Fatigued driving, or Hours of Service
Driver fitness
Controlled substances/alcohol
Vehicle maintenance
Crash indicator

The higher the score, the poorer the carrier’s performance—and the more likely they’re to be involved in a crash, according to the FMCSA.

And it’s this data that the FMCSA uses to determine carriers in need of intervention, insurance companies review in their underwriting process, and shippers check when hiring safe, reputable carriers, thereby reducing their own liability in the event of a crash. (It’s important to note that cargo-related and crash indicator BASICs data are not available to the public.)

So, arm yourself with information. With this critical data in-hand, you can identify areas where performance improvements are needed to remain competitive in the industry.

Looking for your driver score? We’ll walk you through the process—just check out this blog post

38 thoughts on “Your CSA Score – How To Check It (And Why You Should!)

  1. want to know what my csa score is was told it was free but every website i go to wants money so how the heck do I get my score?

  2. I think cas is just like cdl just away to put people out of work,the rules are made by people that now nothing about trucking,an don’t have clue what it takes to be a trucker

  3. I when to the DMV n they told me they don’t have access to my CSA score.. so can any one tell me how I can know my CSA score

  4. ok i dont know what my DOT pin is even if i have one. in order to get that info i have to know other information as well. im checking this, because i was pulled over for doing a 57 in a 55, when he ran through my license a previous ticket (that i paid for and was for my personal vehicle) listed as unpaid, not to mention his dispatcher couldnt pull up the “full” info and didnt know what was wrong with it. due to the ticket being listed as unpaid ( i believe they were doing data transfers to a new building at the time or at least thats what i was told, and they said the system might have a hiccup) i cannot find the recipt for the ticket i paid, so now due to that, it listed my license under suspension in the state of ohio, being pulled over in indiana i found out after being suprised myself, that its a misdemeanor punishable by jail time. he was nice enough to give me a “warning” on the speeding but now i have a ticket for driving a CMV with suspended license. i want to check my csa and points on license provided i have to pay for the ticket AGAIN, which would still state my license as under suspension at the time. what are my options?> what can i do to prevent from loosing the only thing that i have to make a livlihood for me and my family?

        • im a truck driver looking for a new job want to know my csa score so companys can’t say whether i have a bad csa score or if i have a good one please let me know thank you so much , DON WOODS

    • Hello, Joshua. Are you an O/O? If that’s the case, you can request your USDOT PIN here. If you’re not an O/O, then what you’re looking for is your PSP record. We recently wrote a blog post on how to obtain that information and you can find that here. So, first, get your documentation together. You’ll need to get record that the ticket was paid. Then, check your PSP and ensure that the ticket is shown as paid. If it’s not there, you’ll need to go to the jurisdiction that issued your ticket and have them resolve it. Good luck!

    • Are you an O/O or a company driver? If you have a DOT number and need to request a pin to access your CSA score, check out this blog post for a link and further instruction. How to check your CSA score. If you’re a company driver, hang on. We’re in the process of writing a blog post to walk you–and other drivers–through the process. Thank you for your question!

  5. I was recently pulled over for doing 62 in a 55 zone. At least that’s what the officer said because I know I wasn’t speeding because when I passed the officer on the side of the road, other cars were passing me on both sides but he picked me to pull over. He said that he’s just gonna write me a warning for speeding because he couldn’t prove it. That’s not fair. Before CSA, I’d say OK and be done with it but today, warnings go against your CSA score which isn’t fair. I firmly believe that if you receive a ticket for a violation, CSA points should be assessed but not if you receive a warning ticket because the officer couldn’t prove the violation.

  6. I think this CSA bullcrap is a way of getting drivers off the road. It is not fair for drivers to have to receive points on company equipment when u bring violations to their attention and they never correct the problem. I can understand some of these issues to an aspect to where this system is used to measure safety compliance for different carriers not wanting to keep equipment safe, but it is still not fair to drivers to receive points on company equipment. Since this is the case I might as well become a contractor and buy my own truck and trailer.

  7. I do not have a DOT number and as a driver would like to know the CSA score they have on me. I am not working right now and just would like to know but lack a DOT number for the data base. How can I find my CSA score under said conditions?

  8. Got pull over for a level two. Everthing ok. But he gave me a vw on the form for speed 70 in a 65. Any points for this. Was pulled over in New MEXICO.

  9. How is this even legal? If the court throws a ticket out and DOT still keeps the poiots for the improperly issued violation then that should be the end of it. How is this not double jeopardy?

  10. I was giving a level 1 inspection in Sheridan Wyoming they wrote me up for 2 air leaks couple of lights, triangles & extinguisher on the wrong side of the truck so could not show it to the officer had a loose item the officer said he would not do anything about it because I took care of the problem the air leaks were not safety issue or else you wouldn’t have let me go because they held pressure
    I am now worry because I did not know a time that I scored 102. the company I am with suspended me for a week but from this point own I will be walking on thin ice forever
    I feel this is no difference in me getting pulled over by state patrol and not be allowed to talk to a judge
    How can I get tHe state of Wyoming to lower my points?
    Shouldn’t drivers history be considered?
    I have been a truck driver for over 33 years
    This 1 inspecTion is puTTing me probably ouT of work
    If I resIgn from thIs company
    who wIll hIre me?
    I would like very much some type of that help or at least where I stand
    Gamaliel portillo

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