BOBO: The Bill on Behalf of Service

Did you know it’s possible to use your wireless bill to pay for a variety of products and services that keep your fleet compliant and your drivers safe? I’m not talking about added coverage or unlimited data. Instead, I’m talking about a great new service called Bill On Behalf Of, or BOBO, which allows you to add subscription services such as Xata Turnpike to your monthly wireless bill.

First introduced by Sprint, and now offered by all major carriers, BOBO makes it easier than ever to add subscription services without adding paperwork. We and other subscription services like BOBO because we don’t have to spend our time or money on sales. Instead, the wireless carriers do the marketing and close the sales, giving us more time and energy to focus on meeting the needs of the drivers and fleets we serve.

Sales representatives like BOBO as well. Because they serve as the “face” of Xata and act as an extension of our sales force, we thoroughly train them, as do the other companies whose products and services they represent. And because they’re better trained, they make more sales, which means higher commissions.

But the big winner when it comes to using BOBO is you, our customer. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

•    You can purchase products and services from your existing wireless carrier, rather than having to seek out new vendors, which means you have fewer relationships to manage.

•    You already have a payment process in place—the same process used each month to pay your cell phone bills. If you forget, the wireless carrier covers your subscription fee, so there’s never a loss of service.

•    There are no extra invoices or bills for accounting to deal with because new subscriptions are added to your existing wireless bill. And you can bill all charges online on your carrier’s website.

•    Because you’ve already established credit with your wireless service, you can easily add new subscriptions without a lengthy credit check.

•    You may receive more frequent device upgrades and better customer service because your overall value to the wireless carrier is greater than if you were purchasing subscriptions on your own.

To put BOBO to work for you, simply ask your current wireless provider to add Xata Turnpike, and other subscription services, to your existing wireless bill.

Do you currently use any BOBO services? What benefits have you seen?