Trucker Story Moves Community, Shelle Lichti Wins Tablet

In October, and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, we decided it was the perfect time to help our X Nation community say thanks to the people who support them—in life and on the road. So, we announced the 18 Wheels of Gratitude Award and tablet giveaway. Unfortunately, we learned that not everyone feels they have someone in their corner. Our 18 Wheels of Gratitude winner, Shelle Lichti, was one such person.

Shelle Lichti overcomes and gives back

Shelle reached out to us when we first announced the contest and asked if she could nominate herself. In her pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps story, she shared a childhood wrought with neglect and abuse. But Shelle found empowerment in the trucking community and now makes it a point to give back.

Shelle told us, “When others said I couldn’t do this, I pushed myself 3x as hard to prove to myself that I could. I never lost touch with trying to be positive and bring that into my trucking world.”

“In this day I’m as active in our industry as I can from volunteering with several groups to founding a trucker based group for LGBT Truckers and someday I’d like to take my works and efforts to the next level from getting a truck of my own to being an inspiration for abused children and women both of physical psychological and sexual abuses.”

While it wasn’t exactly what we had in mind when we made the 18 Wheels of Gratitude Award announcement, we realized that, for some, they could only count on themselves much of their lives. And so, we decided to accept her nomination and let you make the call.

X Nation rallies around Shelle Lichti

In the end, Shelle received an incredible outpouring of support—and the most votes from our X Nation community.

Nancy Wolfson-Coe said, “It is very hard to pick yourself up and move on and you did it congrats to you.”

And David Naus commented, “I think that story would get anybody off their butt. Incredible you overcame that. God bless you!”

Here at XRS, we admire Shelle’s courage in sharing her story and refusing to let her history get in the way of the life she deserves.

Shelle, you’re an inspiration. Congratulations and keep on trucking!