National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: A Thank You to Drivers

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week; time for those of us who don’t climb into the cabs of 18-wheelers day-in and day-out to step-back and think about the important role that truck drivers play—and to express our gratitude.

As any driver knows, a life behind the wheel isn’t easy, nor is it particularly safe all the time either (though we at Xata hope to make it safer!).

Last year, driving a truck was ranked as the 8th most dangerous job in America: long runs, poor driving conditions, violent crime, dangerous loads and the reckless driving of those that truckers share the roads with all played a role.

The job also requires enormous sacrifices, including extended periods of time alone, interrupted sleep schedules and a life spent living out of truck stops and sleeping in Walmart parking lots.


Let’s also not forget that, as a driver, it’s not always possible to make it home for the events that so many take for granted—a child’s school concert, a friend’s birthday, a grandparent’s funeral, etc.

Drivers give up a lot, but their role is vitally important.

An American Trucking Trends report stated that the industry hauled 68.6% of the tonnage transported across the US in 2008; that’s over 600 billion dollars worth of both raw materials and products ready for the consumer market.

As four-wheelers pass trucks along the Interstate, how many really consider what would happen if these road warriors decided to hang up their keys?

Store shelves would be empty, and the consumer-based supply chain would just about grind to a complete standstill.

We at Xata are acutely aware of the important role that truck drivers play—including keeping the global economy moving forward and making everyone’s lives more comfortable and affordable. And so, we thank you all for your dedication to your jobs and for the sacrifices you make each and every day.

Wishing you safe travels!