Help St. Christopher Fund Support Truckers in Need

In January, when we mentioned we wanted to do a social fundraiser, we asked you for your non-profit recommendations.

“St. Christopher Fund!!! No question about it!!!”

Greg Cameron’s comment was echoed throughout XataNation; the consensus was clear.


About St. Christopher Fund for Truckers
Since 2007, St. Christopher Fund has been providing financial assistance to professional truck drivers who are struggling with large medical bills or are unable to work while recovering from illness or treatment. They’ve also helped truckers lower their medical bills by negotiating directly with insurance companies, hospitals and medical providers, and stopped the shut-off of utilities, evictions and foreclosures.

So far, St. Christopher Fund has provided $178,000 in medical financial assistance to more than 430 drivers in need, and has helped 100 more drivers negotiate their bills.

And thanks to a donation from the National Association of Independent Truckers, St. Christopher will award a $10,000 scholarship to a professional truck driver who is no longer able to drive, due to medical issues. (Scholarship applications are being accepted through March 1, 2012.)

Talk about making a difference.


Support St. Christopher Fund with the Click of a Mouse
We’re delighted to support St. Christopher Fund in its mission to provide truck drivers with a helping hand when they need it most.

So, starting today and running through Tuesday, February 28, we will donate $1 for every new @XataNation Twitter follower, up to $1,000.


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