With XRS you get real-time, 360-degree information delivered right to a variety of Sprint-enabled devices.

Whether your drivers use smartphones or tablets, with XRS they are always fully compliant and their logs are always up to date. Driving performance and compliance has never been easier.

Reap the benefits.

With XRS, there are no upfront hardware costs. And installation takes just 10 minutes—no drilling into dashboards, and no mounting external domes to your vehicles.



Rapid ROI delivered: XRS and Sprint mobile.

It’s easy to achieve rapid ROI with a solution that doesn’t require an upfront hardware investment and helps fleets identify significant cost savings. In fact, it can pay for itself in as little as one month.

Return on investment: XRS on the Sprint network.

Given the increasing importance of cost cutting and compliance, why are you waiting?

When you harness the power of XRS, you can:

  • Reduce fuel consumption, saving you at least $3/day/truck
  • Minimize time spent on inspections and paper driver logs, saving you $5/day/driver
  • Automate IFTA fuel tax reporting, saving you $2.50/day/driver or truck
  • Avoid CSA violations, audits, fines and fleet shutdowns, saving you sleepless nights and your business

XRS is Sprint-friendly.

Recognized by the FMCSA as being the lowest cost electronic onboard recorder (EOBRs) on the market, XRS is also the most flexible. It runs on many handheld devices on the Sprint network.

Whether you already have phones/handhelds deployed or you’re looking for something new, XRS can help.

An effective, affordable fleet management solution

Unlike other solutions, XRS is easy to buy—and easy to pay for.


See available Sprint devices

Our low, monthly fee can be added to your Sprint bill, and includes:

  • XRS Relay—As XRS’s electronic onboard recorder (EOBRs), the Relay connects directly to your vehicles’ engine computer, combining engine diagnostic reporting with GPS data to help you optimize fleet operations and automate regulatory compliance.
  • The XRS App—XRS downloads to your drivers’ handheld device (phone, smartphones, etc.), giving them access to the hours-of-service application and other important data input.
  • Access to XRS’s website and FleetView—All driver and vehicle information that is collected is immediately available to you and your drivers via XRS’s user-friendly website and FleetView web software.

You get an all-in-one solution:

  • Included XRS Relay
  • $10 online training
  • Driver performance reporting
  • Vehicle performance reporting
  • Driver scorecards
  • Asset tracking
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Electronic logs
  • IFTA reporting service

All for only $39 per month.*

*$55 per vehicle activation fee. Two-year contract and Sprint phone and data plan required.


Sprint network success stories.

Private and for-hire fleets of all sizes rely on XRS to help them improve every aspect of their fleet operations.

Our customers represent a variety of industries, including:

  • Direct store-delivery
  • Foodservice
  • Grocery
  • Oil and gas
  • Retail and wholesale distribution
  • Truckload and less-than-truckload

Why our customers rave:

“When we heard that [XRS] could offer all the factors we were looking for—easy installation, ease of use, hours of service—it was almost too good to be true. Then, in the first year, we saw quantifiable savings in all three critical areas for our industry: Fuel $150,000, Safety $45,000, and Administration $100,000. Conservatively, the total was over $300,000. It was amazing.”
Mike Burton, CEO, C&K Trucking


XRS and Sprint: Your frequently asked questions, answered.

If you’re thinking about implementing XRS’s mobile trucking intelligence solution on the Sprint network, you may have questions. And we’d like to answer them:

What will I need to have, in order to install XRS on my trucks?

You’ll have to have:

  • The XRS Relay
  • A vehicle cable connector
  • A certified mobile device
  • A data plan, offering at least 20 MB/month

What mobile devices have been XRS certified?

XRS runs on dozens of Sprint cell phones, smartphones, tablets and rugged devices. With a wide selection of options, there’s sure to be a mobile solution that’s right for your fleet. Review our complete list of certified mobile solutions that run on the Sprint network.

What rigs will XRS run on?

XRS is compatible with any commercial motor vehicle using a J1708 or J1939 vehicle bus. It will also run on many vehicles with an OBD-II vehicle bus, though an additional converter will be required.

Distracted driving is big news. Is using a mobile fleet management solution safe?

Absolutely. XRS does not require any driver interaction while the truck is in motion. And when drivers are nearing their on-duty limit, warnings are issued as audible alerts, making it easy for truckers to stay HOS compliant, while keeping their eyes on the road ahead.

How long does XRS store electronic driver logs?

All e-log data is stored for six months, in compliance with FMCSA rules.

If a driver is inspected, what should they show roadside inspectors?

The truck driver may show inspectors XRS running on their mobile device. It will display their driver log as a graphic image and looks exactly like a standard paper log.

What if a driver is traveling through an area with poor cell coverage? Will XRS still work?

Yes. The XRS Relay can store 30 days worth of data or more, and can track asset locations even when cell coverage is not available.