XRS Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary, Turnpike Global Technologies, Inc. delivers compliance and fleet management solutions to the commercial trucking industry. Our solutions enable customers to improve compliance with United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, optimize the utilization of their assets and enhance the productivity of fleet operations across the entire supply chain resulting in decreased costs. We are leading the commercial trucking industry’s migration to mobile devices for collecting and analyzing DOT compliance and management data through our continued focus on leveraging the latest technology with our solutions.

The Company’s mobile solutions include:

  • XRS — The XRS solution is a mobile fleet optimization and compliance solution built with the scalability of cloud-based infrastructure and the functionality to support North America’s largest fleets down to an individual owner/operator. It harnesses the power of mobility, transforming driver and truck data into an easy to use dashboard of information which is shared in real-time between drivers, dispatchers and fleet owners. XRS uses a monthly subscription model with no upfront hardware costs.
  • Turnpike — Turnpike is the Company’s first generation mobile fleet optimization and compliance solution which uses a monthly subscription model with no upfront hardware costs.

The Company’s legacy solutions include:

  • XataNet — A fleet optimization and compliance solution, utilizing a traditional on-board computer, integrated communications and a SaaS platform used by fleet managers, with broad functionality for enterprise customers seeking to maximize performance and minimize compliance risks.
  • MobileMax — A traditional mobile communication solution for the for-hire trucking market with integrated back-office systems.

With over 1,300 customers representing over 110,000 active truck subscriptions, XRS Corporation has a strong foundation as an industry leader in delivering Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliant electronic logging devices with a track record of empowering fleet owners to leverage truck data to radically reduce costs. XRS Corporation has sales and distribution partnerships with various third-party resellers supporting the U.S. and Canadian commercial trucking industries.

XRS Corporation is traded on the NASDAQ Small Cap Market under the ticker symbol XRSC. Our transfer agent is Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A.