Since 1985, we’ve been in the road science business, developing technologies and services that have made the North American trucking industry safer, more efficient, more profitable and more enjoyable.

Today, a convergence of unstoppable forces—mobile, social, content and cloud—has finally enabled us to fully realize the promise of our vision.

Welcome to Trucking Intelligence.

Powered by the industry knowledge and technology smarts of XRS, trucking intelligence puts the power to make positive change right where it belongs—in the hands of the people who keep this country’s wheels turning. And that means intelligent drivers, intelligent vehicles, intelligent fleets and intelligent highways.

Trucking intelligence: it’s about speed, experience and efficiency. It’s about compliance and safety. It’s about connections and lifestyle.

And it’s about time.

XRS is a trucking technology leader and innovator.


  • $4,200,000 – the average annual amount XRS saves a 1,000-truck fleet
  • 500,000 apps
  • 100,000+ subscribers
  • 5,000+ trucks at 200+ sites implemented in 6 months for one customer
  • 2,000+ customer locations
  • 500+ new implementations
  • $200-350 – the amount XRS typically saves companies per vehicle, each month
  • 27 years serving fleets
  • 24/7 access to real-time information
  • 360 degree view of your fleet operation
  • 50+ devices
  • 4G speed
  • 3 major networks
  • 1 monthly bill
  • 0 IT headaches
  • Number of trucks “on the switch” surpasses 100,000 (2010)
  • Acquired Turnpike and the RouteTracker/TP Mobile product line (2009)
  • Acquired GeoLogic Solutions and the MobileMax product line (2007)
  • First web-based fleet management solution (2004)
  • First exception-based wireless communication (1999)
  • First wireless yard communication (1998)
  • First driver downloads ability (1992)
  • First learned standards function (1990)
  • First electronic driver logs (1989)
  • First electronic trip-plans (1988)


See how XRS is different

If you would like to know more about how our XRS product works and how it empowers our users, from Truck Drivers to Fleet Managers, check out our newest product welcome video: